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Week1: Seven Days After Quitting Social Media

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It’s been forever since I told myself that I need to quit or atleast manage my social media consumption. I feel like being on these platforms isn’t doing any good to me. I became a passive, brainless consumer with an attention span of less than a tik tok video.

I always tell myself that the reason I am still on these platforms is because of my job. As the former tech guy at Rappler, I feel like I should be updated on everything that’s happening in social media.

But finally, I decided to deactivate my accounts, delete the apps on my phone. It’s kinda hard because this means breaking a habit that has probably been there for 8 years.

1 week isn’t long, and probably not enough time to say that I can commit to this. But me writing this is a form of accountability.

I tried to write my thoughts at each end of the day:

Week 1, Day 1:

When I decided to delete my social media accounts, it was Thursday. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long, but one morning, I just felt the motivation to do so, and by 8am, tiktok, facebook and instagram were already uninstalled on my phone.

I would say the first few hours were easy. I tried to do my usual chores and tasks that made me not think about it. Honestly, it felt easy throughout the day aside from usual phone fidgeting.

Week 1, Day 2

The habit of checking your phone after you wake up is still there, although I figured I had nothing to do with my phone. Actually, this happened throughout the day, fidgeting with my phone and then realizing I don’t have anything to check, no notifications from apps, no more watching of dumb short videos.

Week 1, Day 3

Day 3 was probably the hardest day? I feel like I’m missing out on the news, of what’s happening with my friends, and what’s happening with people I barely know. FOMO was real but I powered through and survived the day.

Week 1, Day 4

I remember that one of my closest friend will have her wedding. This was the day where I had the highest urge to install and activate my instagram. But on the bright side, I feel like I was having more time than usual. I read 2 chapters of a book I was trying to finish for a month now.

Week 1, Day 5

Screen time is down by 10%. Occasional phone fidgeting is still there. I installed Clash of Clans, yes the old game 10 years ago to help me with my phone fidgeting. I feel like this is a healthy way to help me cope as I just need to visit my base every now and then and let my builders build my structure for a couple of hours.

Week 1, Day 6

I feel like the habit is sticking already? Instead of watching a few short content videos that actually aggregates to more than three hours a day, I have now time to do something else. Although I feel like I am missing out on important local and international news specially when I heard the big earthquake in turkey

If you want to help and donate victims of earthquake in Turkey, you can donate to Hassan’s crowdfunding

Week 1, Day 7

I don’t crave consuming digital content anymore. I feel like this might be the second best decision I made (second to going through intermittent fasting). Although I will never know if I can commit to this in the future. One thing for sure is this log is for accountability.

Final words

It might be early to write this, but as I said already, this is a form of accountability for me. To commit to this change of habits. Consuming short content all throughout the day aggregates to huge hours, my instagram and tiktok screen time was averaging 3 hours before, and now I feel like I did get back those precious time and used it for something more productive.

Disclaimer: I still have my twitter just to read local and international news, as well as esports news.

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